Can anyone recommend any classes or educational opportunities to stay up to date

  1. I am a nursing student with 4 classes left after this semester. Our University's plan of study is requiring us to take these 4 classes over 2 semesters. I will have an entire summer off and the fall semester will have Community Health and Nursing Leadership. Then in January 2014 I will have Adult Health (med/surg) III and Capstone. I am very nervous about having so much time (almost 10months) out of the clinical setting--I am wondering if there are any classes that I can take online during this time to put me a step ahead or keep things fresh. I have maintained a 4.0gpa throughout my education and plan to continue my education even after my BSN. I just want to stay active--I am interested in Patho/Pharm and nursing skills (practicing and learning to prioritize appropriately, delegate, etc.). I just want to pass my boards with flying colors and become a professional, I don't want to put the cart before the horse but also want to make sure that the whole "use it or lose it" theory doesn't take place.
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    I would concentrate on actual hospital experience. If you have a break in school workload, then try to get a Patient Care Assistant job at a hospital. It looks better when applying for a nursing job than another class. Plus, you are more likely to get a nursing job at that hospital since you are already an employee.
  4. by   Lindsey Sample
    I was recently hired as a unit assistant/CNA in ICU. I am very excited and honored to earn a position within the hospital setting and know that the experience there will be second to none---I just want to make sure that I am doing everything possible to be the best nurse I can be when the time comes. Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate all that I can get!
  5. by   marycarney
    The above posters have good advice, but I would also suggest subscribing to and reading a basic variety of nursing journals.