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    I'm doing a pre-quiz for pharmacology & for some reason I can't seem to find information to answer my question.

    the problem is- administer Tylenol gr v po. The label on the available message reads"Acetaminophen 325 mg/tablet". How many tablets should be given?

    I know the actual answer is about 92%- but how would the answer be phrased? I can see splitting a tablet in halves and quarters but 92%? is that the correct answer?

    thanks for any of your help!

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    Seems like you're missing something from the question and, no, you cannot give 92% of a tablet.
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    The information they're asking for is "dosage, route and time medication ordered. Tablets come scored."
    Would you just give one tablet in this case? I'm a brand new student, but I know that gr V=5 grains, which translates to 300mg. if I only need 300mg (or 92%) what do I do with the remaining 25mg?
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    You can't possibly give 300 mg of a 325 mg tablet. I would call the MD and get the order changed in this case or give liquid formulation.
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    All right, I'll ask my professor about that one just to clarify. thanks for your help!
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    My conversions say that 1 gr is equal to 60-65 mg. :-)
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