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    Hello All!

    I am just starting my very last semester of nursing school. Needless to say, I am full of anxiety and excitement wondering how to juggle all the things that need to be accomplished. My school requires we meet the benchmark for the ATI predictor by week 13. I am asking for some tips, advice, or any useful information that may help me to be successful in passing this. In advance, thank you!!

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    I would not worry about it. If you are passing the courses by week 13 you should do fine.
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    I know my school also has us take the ATI NCLEX predictor but I have absolutely no idea what benchmark they put out. Work on your ATI along with your school work, do every practice exam you can, and keep your nose in the books. :-) Good luck!
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    Agreed with Bloomgirl, take the practice assessments that they unlock for you. Also, go under tutorials to find practice and "final" tests that will help you prepare. Focus on the rationales! I hope this helps.
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    Okay, thank you all for the advice!

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