Angina Dx

  1. I had a pt with Angina and possibly MVP, but it was unsure at that point and for my careplan I need to have 6 Dx. Here are what I came up with and they need to be in order. My professor gave me the first one and I always thought Risk would be towards the bottom, but she said it was first. Any input is appreciated

    1) Risk for Decreased Cardiac output R/T Heart Valve Dysfunction
    2) Acute Pain R/T Decreased Myocardial Blood Flow
    3) Activity Intolerance R/T Imbalance between O2 supply and demand
    4) Anxiety R/T unknown dx, change in health status
    5) Deficient knowledge R/T condition of angina
    6) Disturbed sleep pattern R/T excessive stimulation noise, lighting
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  3. by   Daytonite
    if she told you to put that first, then do it. however, if the patient already has pain because the heart cells aren't getting enough oxygen that is a low cardiac output right there (low stroke volume). people get angina because they are not getting enough oxygen pumped to the cells of their heart and that is a failure of the cardiac output.
    • components of cardiac output
      • heart rate - beats per minute
      • stroke volume - amount of blood pumped per beat
    1. risk for decreased cardiac output r/t heart valve dysfunction
      • the "heart valve dysfunction" refers to the possible mvp which if it did exist would affect the stroke volume which in turn affects cardiac output. still i disagree that it deserves top billing.
    2. activity intolerance r/t imbalance between o2 supply and demand
    3. disturbed sleep pattern r/t excessive stimulation noise, lighting
    4. acute pain r/t decreased myocardial blood flow
      • should be written: acute pain r/t decreased myocardial oxygenation - the cause of the pain is not enough oxygen getting to the heart cells
    5. deficient knowledge r/t condition of angina
      • should be written: deficient knowledge, angina r/t lack of information
    6. anxiety r/t unknown dx, change in health status
  4. by   JillFRN
    Thanks so much!!