Advice on practicum of a first semester nursing student! Advice on practicum of a first semester nursing student! | allnurses

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Advice on practicum of a first semester nursing student!

  1. 0 Hi, I'm in my first semester of my nursing program. I've been waiting so long to get here and I am striving to do my best, as well as get the most of this experience for developing my education. My practicum is next week with my scenario to perform my skills. I was hoping that any experienced nurses or students could tell me what's the most important things to prepare for the practicum. I have my ideas and I would like feed back to see if I'm on the right track. Thanks so much!
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    Practice your skills on your friends, family etc. It will really help you.
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    Usually in first semester safety was a big concern. Bed rails, call light etc. Try to stay calm and be confident. Practice on your friends and family and talk yourself through the procedure as you are doing it. From my experience first semester during practicums they were not as harsh if you made mistakes. Remember nursing school is about making mistakes and asking questions. That is why you do practicums and simulations.
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    be alert and rested. Ask questions. Assess the room as well as the patient for safety issues. Ask questions. And don't forget to ask questions.