ADHD and nursing school please help

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    So I am a first year student in nursing school and prior to Nursing School I was a solid A/B student. I have been successful in college completing core classes and prerequesites with out a hitch, when I say with out a hitch I mean my learning disability has not been a hinderance. I've been sturggling on the tests and at times in clinical in staying on task and having my care plans not be pedantic or long winded. My grades on the exams have ranged from 78-70%. My clinical instructor pulled me aside and inquired if I had ever been tested for a learning disability, not knowing about my diagnosis. I want nothing more than to be a proficient nursing student not just skating by on C's and nerves. I am trying every tactic I know of to be successful; reading, NCLEX prep (relevant to test material), flash cards, listening to lectures on my Ipod, study groups.

    My concerns and questions are these: Making it through nursing school with ADHD and avoiding taking medication for it? What else I could possibly do for studying purposes? Has anyone had a similar experience with a learning disability and coped succesfully? I was warned at my school not to disclose my diagnosis to any faculty for fear of being judged and veiwed as inferior/incompetent, now the cats out of the bag what can I do?

    Please help, I dont care if it's just mere reassurance or a similar story. I have never felt more fufilled since being in nursing school it is heart breaking to think I can't do this.


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    I'm sorry u have not gotten a reply....i dont know very much about ADHD and just wanted to offer words of encourgament...all u can do is work hard and do the best you can, if the medication helps u better then take it...but there is only so much u can do...have a lovely one and good luck in nursing school
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    I was just accepted into the nursing program for spring 2010 so I can't say too much on that yet. But I have adult ADHD. I struggled for years before I went to my doctor. I tried all the self help methods but had too many focusing problems. I would do fine in college without the meds but during tests it was hard to keep my focus. I decided to take meds for my ADHD and I've been a lot happier. It took me 10 years to get my AA (I now carry 110 credit hours) but that wasn't because of my ADHD, I have 4 children and a husband who is in the Navy. I don't intend on telling anyone about my condition but if they ask I'll tell. What I'm worried about the most is the drug test you have to take. I'm worried about popping positive because I take dexedrine. I'm not sure if I should bring my medical record with me when I go or what I'm supposed to do. I've worked hard to get where I am today dispite my ADHD and I'm proud of myself. It can be a struggle at times but you can do it. With the cat being out of the bag, hold your head high and don't worry about it. Good luck!
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    I don't think faculty need to know. You can go to the disability resource advisor and they write up what your accommodations should be. No disclosure is made regarding diagnosis.

    As for non-pharmacological should still consult someone qualified to give you more than anecdotal advice. Suggestions from those on allnurses is fine but not a replacement for a proper consultation.

    Drug test results should only be transmitted pass/fail. My understanding is that if "something" comes up you will be asked for more information by the party doing the testing.
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    i have adhd and i am a non-traditional first year of nsg school i did fine, but when the testing environment changed the next year, i couldn't perform as instructor pulled me aside and said i should look into getting some accomodations, which i did, and life is much better now as far as testing.........the reason nsg school is hard for my brain is the sheer overload of material which takes me time to sort through mentally----once i get it, i got it, but i always have a zillion other things coming in besides nsg work too!

    i go to a large school, and all instructors have been great......btw, they have to bc it's the law, but i think they would have been fine anyway.......

    i dont see what the problem is telling people you have adhd! i take meds, but i am also very much me, and me has adhd!
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    i was warned at my school not to disclose my diagnosis to any faculty for fear of being judged and veiwed as inferior/incompetent, now the cats out of the bag what can i do?

    what does that mean, that you were warned ? do you go to a school in america that receives any government funds?
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    staeces makes a good point

    Still it really isn't their business. I don't know enough about it but is their any extra safety risk during clinical? That might be the ONLY reason they need know.
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    Who in the world would tell someone not to get help if help is available!

    Go to your MD get documentation give this to your school's disability resource department /advisor. You will be allowed accomodations. My advisor was a source of great emotional support through school.
    Nursing school is tough and a C grade won't cut it in nursing school.
    I used extended testing time in the testing center. The testing center was quiet with minimal distractions.
    I did hand my instructors accomodation documentation at the beginning of each semester. This paperwork does not list the diagnosis.
    I did not always use these resources but it is a good idea to have this option if needed. All of the instructors respected my needs - yup it is the law.
    Some instructors were resistant (more so because they saw it as a hassle) I found that if I had suggestions and information as how to accomodate my needs they came around.
    There are so many judgemental people out there - don't let them or concerns about being judged stop you...easier said than done - I know
    Good Luck!
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    Yes and accredited by the AACN, it is a public community college
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    Who told you not to tell the faculty? Was it a school official?

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