Acid-Base Interpretation

  1. I just had a test and have a question on an acid-base interpretation that we had to do.

    Here are the ABGs:

    pH 7.45
    CO2 30
    HCO3 32

    Both CO2 and HCO3 is showing an alkalotic state. Is this respiratory alkalosis or metabolic alkalosis??...with full compensation.

    Please help~! Thanks!!
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  3. by   pecanpies
    Is this all the information you were given?
  4. by   knufflebunny
    Yes. We had to interpret this as respiratory or metabolic, alkososis/acidic or neither, full or partial compensation.

    It doesn't make sense because both CO2 and bicarbonate are showing alkolosis. I wrote full compensation since it is at 7.45. But not sure if this is metabolic or respiratory.
  5. by   Streamline2010 says:
    (1) partially compensated primary respiratory alkalosis, or
    (2) acute superimposed on chronic primary respiratory alkalosis, or
    (3) mixed acute respiratory alkalosis with a small metabolic acidosis

    pH > 7.48 and HCO3 > 22, for acute (uncompensated)
    pH < 7.42 and HCO3 < 19, for chronic (compensated)

    expected pH = 7.65
    expected CO2 = 47
    expected HCO3- = 20

    Other calculators called it a mixed disorder. Post the explanation, if you get one.
  6. by   Esme12
    abg's tic tac toe

    attached files
    abg tic tac toe part 1.doc (52.5 kb)
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