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I start nursing school in January and I am looking to get a good stethoscope. I am looking at the Littman Master Classic or the Littman Cardiology III. Anyone have any feedback?... Read More

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    Quote from payitforward
    One suggestion: NEVER let anyone use your stethoscope! I have always been adamant about that! I'll let you borrow my pen, highlighter, scissors. But my 'scope?? Sorry, not today!! Good Luck in school!!
    Quote from lele2101
    My mom ... also said NEVER let anyone borrow your steth
    I generally agree but did want to share that I had a weak moment and I did let someone use my Cardio III for a patient; I actually let her keep it for 2 weeks... not only was this an MD, but a resident... and not even one of our regulars.

    I actually thought it was gone but she went out of her way to ensure that it made it home safe and sound.

    It's nice to *not* get burned sometimes... though that's probably the last time I'll be so helpful. I just felt so badly for her using one of those 'toy' stethoscopes from the isolation cart.

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    Been looking for a good quality stethoscope... looks like Littmann brand is the way to go.
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    Electronic stethoscopes for nursing is like using an apache helicopter to kill a cockroach
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    That is hilarious about the apache helicopter to kill a cockroach!! I am getting a Littmann Cardiology iii as suggested by my friends (a nurse and a physician). Here is my big dilemma though...... What Color? I am leaning toward the black edition because I figure it won't clash with whatever color scrubs I end up wearing in the long run. Also, it just looks very professional. A nurse friend of mine suggested I definitely go with a fun color, so now I am not sure. I have narrowed it down to black edition, navy, plum, or raspberry. Does anyone have any of these colors? I can use all the help you offer!

    Sorry, I don't mean to hijack the post and make it about color. On topic though, I have heard from several people to "get a Littmann".
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    I would go with a Littmann Lightweight II SE stethoscope. These are high-quality, have excellent sound, are good for assessments, and can be had for less than $50.
    This is what I use, couldn't be happier. I think I paid around $40 for a new one on amazon. Generally you cant go wrong with a Littmann.
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    I have the littman cardiology III stethoscope and it is amazing. Not sure of price though, it was a gift. But pretty much what everybody here is saying, you can't go wrong with littman

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