What type of uniform do you wear?

  1. 0 [font="comic sans ms"]hi everyone, i know that not everyone can answer my question but i was wondering what type of uniform do you wear? and what type of hospital and unit do you work at? like if you work at a county hospital do you wear solids or prints and if you work in labor and delivery do you get to wear character scrubs? also if you only get to wear solids do you get to wear patterns on holidays? thank you
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    I work at a children's home for the developmentally disabled. We can wear pretty much any scrubs we want, fun prints and colors are encouraged.

    As for holidays, we can wear christmas sweaters/print t-shirts in december if we want. Holiday print scrubs can be worn year round.
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    I work in acute inpatient psych and wear street clothes. The "healthcare system" of which the hospital is a part has gone to a color-coded system of solid-color scrubs (RNs wear one color, LPNs another, RT another, etc.) and nurses at my facility have the option of wearing the scrubs if they choose (and a lot of the nurses do), but I've worked in psych for >25 years without ever wearing a uniform in a psych setting and I'm not about to start now.

    When I am in a setting where I wear a uniform (and I have been, at times, in my career), I wear solid white; and real uniforms, not scrubs.
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    i used to wear solids when i used to work ..at that time i was very comfortable with solids,
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    I prefer solids. But there are those who wear prints too!
    -MedSurg Floor
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    I work on an oncology unit and I wear mainly prints because the pt's prefer it. Most of our pt's are very ill and their hospital stay can go upwards of a month. They state the get tired of seeing the same things everyday.

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