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What shoes brand is good? - page 3

Hi nurses! I'm looking for shoes that would support me 40hrs/wk at work. I have some nikes but I think they are hurting my feet, maybe it's depend on the style also. I have heard some brands that... Read More

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    I switched to Nike Free 5.0 a few months ago & ended up buying 2 more pairs for work because of how great they were! I used to come home from a shift and could barely walk anymore, ever since I picked these up I haven't had and foot soreness at all.
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    Omg not sure if its because I had an easy day or what, but I have no back pain! I usually wear size 7-7.5 and that's what I ordered, when I first tried it on it was a little tight. But it's only because I'm not used to the style, after I stood up and push my feet back a little- it was perfect! It was light.. Ahh I kinda forgot the feelings, since its been only one day. I'll update everyone after a couple weeks or so. Oh btw, I had tons of compliments on it as well! thank youuuuuuu so much for people who introduced me into this Alegria! <3
    That's awesome! Glad you're enjoying them so far!