What scrubs feel like Dickies Black Label?

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    Sadly, it's time to replace my beloved Dickies Black Label scrubs after 4 years of weekly washing and wearing. They were so silky, comfortable and flattering. They actually haven't faded at all and they still look good except for where my badge has rubbed on them. Has anyone tried the Cherokee Luxe and find them similar?

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    I am also wondering the same thing! I discovered the black label scrubs after they had been discontinued and have been trying to find pieces that fit to get a couple of sets of them. I was wondering if anyone has compared them to dickies soft works? I am hoping that someone has an answer for you as it will be an answer for me as well. Good luck!!!
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    I also discovered Dickies Black Label at a uniform outlet store and fell in love with them. Didn't realize they were being discontinued. I found Jockey scrubs to be very similar to the Black Label line, try them on the next time your in a uniform store. I didn't find any scrubs in the Dickies or Cherokee lines which were even close to the Dickies Black Label. I wish they would bring them back, I would buy them in a heartbeat.
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    Try Jockey and or Dansko scrubs. (:
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    Greys anatomy scrubs and Cherokee flexibles were the closest for Mr
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    Iguanamed scrubs are very similar to black label. They are readily available and wash/wear very well. I love mine!!
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    smart scrubs.com

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