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i have been having alot of trouble finding a watch that can handle the rigors of being washed alot and also some of the plastic bands make me break out. i have to wear hydrocortisone creme with a... Read More

  1. by   KLKRN
    I've seen a couple nurses with them.
  2. by   danissa
    Quote from newlpn08
    I am going to wear my mothers old nursing watch. It pins to the uniform, and the numbers are upside down, so when you need to use it you just hold it up or look down at it on your uniform. These are used in Europe, but I don't know if you can find one in the US.

    This is a Fob watch, pins to your uniform. Great things, I had a heart shaped one with Eyore on the face until the other day, when I took my scrubs from the drier..and the watch was still attatched! Guess its not waterproof..or drier proof either! It's all broke!! And I got it as a present too!
    Wishin for another one now, its so handy to have a watch pined to your front!
  3. by   djg
    Relic (waterproof) purchased from Kohl's adjusted metal band. I love it.

  4. by   danissa
    Sterilising fluid and wrist watches are just not a good mix!
    Fob watches are the best.
  5. by   CaLLaCoDe
    Quote from KLKRN
    Casio: inexpensive, reliable, comes in plastic or cloth bands. Water resistant.
    I have a Casio. I bought it online at overstock.com. Great place to find cheap and good quality watches. It's solar and combines both digital and anologue on the watch face. Funny thing, there exists a programmable function on the watch that allows the wearer to illuminate the dial just by tilting the watch in the dark.
    So, the other night I'm working on removing some bubbles from my patient's IV line and surprise! This orange light glows and I remember "it's alive!"
  6. by   MommyandRN
    I gave up using expensive watches at work, they would get ruined or germy or discolored. Now I buy a cheap waterproof watch at Target, and replace it when it gets gross. They are cute and cheap, and get some variety in your life every time you switch.
  7. by   MommyandRN
    Quote from lorilou22RN
    I don't anymore, use the room clocks for consistency.
    I could never rely on room clocks... either they have been broken or wrong, or inconsistent with the other clocks.
  8. by   Nurse_Diane
    I have a Timex IronMan. It is waterproof and with a very heavy plastic band and,I can wash it anytime I want. It's also digital and I have it set to military time.

    If I get 'nasties' on it, I can slip it off, wash it, and "keep on tickin' "

  9. by   MNmom3boys
    I have a Nursemate w/ a leather band. I really appreciate the military time feature, and it has nice big numbers for dimmly lit rooms. Wish it had Indiglo, like a couple other of my watches, but they don't have military time... The Swiss Army watch earlier in the thread looked great - does it have an Indiglo type feature? (I couldn't tell from the pics, although the date feature is also very cool! - for those 11 - 7 shifts...)
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  10. by   nicknurse
    I'm used to wear my unbreakable Casio G-Shock DW5600 E.
  11. by   NursePaula
    I wear Fossil for a couple reasons...definitely handles the water but also the Fossil bands have added links so that you can wear it higher up on the arm a bit so that when you wash your hands you can also do the wrists...and they last for years! Love them!!! I own 6 I think....since my feet have issues and cute shoes are no longer an option I think I have switched to a watch fetish....LOL
  12. by   flightnurse2b
    i also wear a fossil. its very dainty and pretty but it is waterproof and reliable. my boyfriend got it for me for my birthday 3 years ago and it still works great.
  13. by   Asia53
    Quote from barbyann

    I swear by my Swiss Army...pricey but indestructible.
    Ditto on Swiss Army!