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What do you guys think of these? I think they are neat and the concept is great, but even though it says you can wear them hiking, I would worry about needle sticks. But then how protective are any soft sided shoe?... Read More

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    Quote from sarahbellum
    "I wear the original design whenever I run. I just took my USAF pt test in them last month. I still prefer to run barefoot, but these shoes come close to being barefoot. The soles are fairly thin, but they will protect you from broken glass, rocks etc."

    Would you consider them for work? I was going to buy a pair and slowly transition my running routine to them. My theory is that my body would adjust faster if I wore them where I am during 50% of my waking hours--work.
    No, I wouldn't recommend them for work. They offer absolutely no protection from spills/body fluids or something dropped on top of cloth/mesh part. It may seem kinda of counterintuitive but they are actually more uncomfortable on regular indoor surfaces vs. outdoors. The company's shoe instructions recommend you start wearing them for an hour or so a day at home, then transition to walking, and then finally running in them.
    Here is a link about barefoot running for those that have never considered/tried it.

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    Thanks! The part about indoor walking makes sense! I will stick with my asics for work.
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    These are strange looking fellows, aren't they? I'm not sure I would wish to wear those hiking or elsewhere, but would love to hear from anyone that has!
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    I just bought a pair of Vibrams KSO's out of REI and they feel great! If any of you are still interested in this style of shoe, they have several styles to choose from now; hiking, walking, watersports, running, exercise, etc. I just ran my first 3 miles with them on and my feet ached a bit at the ball of my feet but my toes and ankles didn't hurt like they normally do!
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    I am considering the Five Fingers KSO model for work after my feet are trained for barefoot walking. I think the KSO would work great for work and would be protective of spills. Plus you can wash them. I also can say that there are a few running shoe companies that carry a running shoe that is like barefoot that would work for work and not turn heads. Check out the running barefoot site from the Author of the Barefoot running, Michael Sandler RunBare - Home of the Barefoot Running Book, Tour, Clinics, and Talks. I saw him at a lecture and the whole idea is fasinating and so is the book. Also another good book is Born to run.
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    Ricecakes...thanks for the link, I had not seen that one! Loved the book Born to Run...I'm planning on running the Leadville 100 in 2012 in my Vibrams.

    Obviously this is not a running forum so pardon my tangent.

    ...but I now wear one pair of Vibrams all the time, I own several pair and they are extremely easy to get used to just by wearing them around the house, driving, etc. You don't HAVE to run in them to use them. Even when you've stubbed your toe and it's swollen and throbbing, wearing the Vibrams feels less painful because it is less restrictive versus standard shoes!

    Vibrams has just come out with a new shoe, the Bikila, and was wondering if anyone has worn a pair, they seem to maybe be a bit more protective, has anyone noticed this? I don't know only what I've seen online.
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    ...also I do hike a lot and have worn my Vibram KSO's every time since February...they grip well on rocks, etc. And people have said you have a whole new level of connection with your's true! I think my feet are definitely more responsive and stronger since wearing them. I have yet to have an ache due to 'being on my feet' wearing these as I have in shoes. I've worn them up to 12hrs being on my feet and I really didn't realize the time went so quick!

    It'd be great to hear from others who might have used these.
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    I just put in my order for the KSO. I decided to give these a shot since I love being barefoot and who knows, maybe it will solve my knee problem which was the main reason why I stopped running about 3 years ago so now I plan on going back to running with the KSO
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    I have a pair of the KSO's I love them, I am barefoot most of the time, and wear crocs most of the time. You will get a lot of strange looks with them They are definitely not work shoes, for nurses, at least not the current models.

    Wearing the KSOs, make you feel like you are barefoot, but give you an ape like rubber pad on your feet, so walking or running outside the soles of your feet are protected, small rocks etc... I also enjoy water sports and I like the traction these shoes have while wet, and the rapid drying time when wet.

    I love the science and logic of the benefits of being barefoot and the natural motion of the human body vs the un-natural motion shoes give us in most cases.

    I have a good friend who has been running in them and loves them. Many people run marathons in them as well.

    Here is a good video on barefoot running and some of the science behind it:
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. View this video at YouTube
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    Read the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. It talks about how shoes are hurting people more than helping them, among other topics. Very good read and it talks about the 5finger shoes. Definitely recommend them for exercise, not so much for work.

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