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    I've been looking for an answer on this in the AORN policies....whether you are supposed to tuck due to skin shedding or not...our new director states that you are supposed to citing AORN policy...but I haven't found that particular one yet....anyone else know? I see that long sleeves are...but have found nothing on tucking (I don't have the body to tuck anymore).....thanks!

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    The only folks I see who tuck in their scrubs are in the ED and OR, and some ICU nurses as well, if they wear the hospital scrubs since they are sooo long and have no bottom pockets.
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    Unless you have an absolutely perfectly proportioned body, I don't want to see you tucked. Sorry. It's just not pleasing.

    But then again, in certain areas, you need to tuck. OR might be one of those areas.

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    OR does not require tuck, to my knowledge...if it is important, you are gowned.
    I wore tucked when I was young and fit\ and sought out styles that would support that choice.
    Now I am old, and if I wear scrubs I generally go with the much more laid back UN-tucked approach.
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    i don't and would never.

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