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The Quest for the Perfect Scrubs Fabric

  1. 0 My school wants me to have dark green scrubs.

    I want to have nice, customized fit, dark green scrubs with lots of pockets.
    I am not very rich. It would cost less to make them. I've made scrubs before, but am running into an unexpected roadblock: finding the right fabric.

    There seems to be a fabric store conspiracy around here to sell their solid-colored poplin or broadcloth in either 100% cotton (doesn't that wrinkle?) or 65% poly, 35% cotton that feels like stiff plastic (belch!).

    I spent this whole evening looking for 50% cotton, 50% poly, (or, even better, 65% cotton, 35% poly) solid dark green poplin or broadcloth online.

    No luck. Unless I want to order 10,000 yards or more from China.

    Help! Fellow scrubs-makers, can you tell me:

    1) Where I can find cotton/poly fabric that won't feel like cardboard against my body, or......
    2) How I can find a cotton fabric that is wrinkle resistant in the solid color I need?

    Thank you in advance for any help you could give me!

    :redpinkhe Cinquefoil
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    Grey's Anatomy brand scrubs are heaven! I love them so much and everyone I work with that has them love them too! Our uniform store sells them but you can also but them online.
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    Quote from NurseVoldemort
    Grey's Anatomy brand scrubs are heaven! I love them so much and everyone I work with that has them love them too! Our uniform store sells them but you can also but them online.
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    Well, NurseVoldemort already beat me to it! I was shopping for scrubs earlier today, and I came across the Greys Anatomy brand. They do have a fabulous fabric. It feels a bit stretchy, but not so that it is tight on your body. It was also very soft. And yes, they do have the Grey's logo on it..looks exactly like the show haha. However, where I was, they were 30 for the top and then 30 for the bottom... so I passed. I got the Cherokee ones instead...with the darn drawstring. Oh well, they were cheap! haha
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    Haha, I like Greys too, but did you guys actually read the post??

    Anyway, here's a site that sells fabric specifically for scrubs, maybe you can find something here?
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    That site does have dark green poly/cotton 60" wide for 9.99 a yard
    you might try the domestics dept of your local dept store and look for better quality sheets.... good luck.
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    Update; found some great deep green poplin at the very last Portland Area store I looked in, Mill End Fabrics. Bought them out of their whole supply. Made 2 sets already, have fabric and notions for another set. Overall it took about 20-30 hours per scrub set (how on EARTH do they churn out couture in 12 on Project Runway????) and cost about $30 per top/bottom pair. They turned out pretty sweet. It might have cost less had I realized that Mill End accepts competitors' coupons....but overall not bad, just time-consuming.
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    PS- Thank you to those who replied. The fabric references were helpful, and the others were just funny!
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    Hi Cinquefoil,

    I have wanting to make my own scrubs for some time now. I bought my wife a Juki surger back when my daughter was born, as she was going to make baby clothes. It had a 5 year warranty, and lets see is now 18 years old and still in the box. So after reading your post about wanting to find the "perfect cloth" for scrubs, I wanted some direction. I am a peds nurse, 20 years in the PICU. I need something cool for the kids without being dorky! Undersea, animals, Hawaiian prints would work. Please, if you could give me information to find the cloth you were looking for, 65 cot/ 35 poly, I would be most grateful!!!