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I recently heard of a traveling nurse that wears uniform styles of the 40's 50's..a dress style white stockings shoes. She was told from nursing heads she had to wear regular scrubs so she went to... Read More

  1. by   elkpark
    Quote from GitanoRN
    our traditional "white uniforms" are great to wear once a year in honor of florence nightingale. however, they aren't practical to wear on daily basis since they are difficult to keep clean.
    You do realize that plenty of us right on this site wore "whites," whether dresses or pants, for years and managed to look neat and clean without a great deal of difficulty, right?
  2. by   applesxoranges
    This Halloween maybe I'll go to the club dressed as a nurse zombie... I did a zombie paramedic one year. (I am a real paramedic and the patches on the shirt were from some company that doesn't practice in any state near where I lived).
  3. by   Ava Z.
    Prima Whites by Barco makes some really nice, white, nursing dresses. They're modest, professional looking, and feature a great style. Best of all, the Prima by Barco white uniforms are NOT see through. Barco puts their items through a peaching process to help you avoid any major fashion faux pas