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I recently heard of a traveling nurse that wears uniform styles of the 40's 50's..a dress style white stockings shoes. She was told from nursing heads she had to wear regular scrubs so she went to the CEO ( small rural... Read More

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    Quote from Dalla
    I have about 10 white nurse's dresses. I simply did a google search for white nursing dresses. My favorite one came from Marcus Uniforms, cost only $30, is a great fabric that does not need ironing, and isn't see-through. It is the classic style and looks very professional. I had to buy my white nurse's cap from a site on ebay. They are not available in any scrub catalog that I have found.
    Kay's Caps (Nurses Caps-Kays Caps Inc-Nursing Graduation Caps-Custom Nurses Caps, Nurses Cap-Nurses Week and Nurses Day,Nurses Uniforms) has been supplying nurse's caps for ages now. You can order generic and most school caps from them directly as they are in stock. Some schools while they do have the patterns will require extra lead time to make up. There also are (IIRC) a few school caps you will have to provide some sort of evidence of graduation/attendence in order to order the cap, in short if you cannot prove the right to wear it, don't bother. *LOL*

    For instance the famous Bellevue "fluff" (seen here: Dragonfly Willow: May 2011) is nearly impossible to lay hands on for "outsiders".

    Other than that you can hit eBay, though prices for genuine vintage nurse's caps have been going through the roof lately. Don't know if nurses are once again wearing the things in droves, or collectors are snatching them up, but bidding has ended at >$50 or even $100 for the pastseveral months for certain caps. It's either that or someone is having a wonderful Halloween.

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    Quote from Kashia
    I recently heard of a traveling nurse that wears uniform styles of the 40's 50's..a dress style white stockings shoes.
    She was told from nursing heads she had to wear regular scrubs
    so she went to the CEO ( small rural hospital)
    She said "sir, I love wearing these styles because it makes my elder patients so happy
    and it is comforting for them"......and he replied " Great, then you have my permission!"
    I have to concur because when I wear "whites" the older people do like even those and will make positive comments.
    So I really like this idea and just wonder does anyone know where to order retro style dress uniforms...I'm still searching and will post link if I find one?
    You can find "retro" uniforms on eBay, thrift shops, even new old stock at some older uniform stores especially ones that have been around for ages. Also check with or via their catalogs places such as Barco, White Swan and such. All have been making nurses uniforms going back through the 1940's or so, and while it's not likely you'll find designs from that far back, you should be able to locate the standard white dress with three-quarter or long sleeves. Many women who serve in minority churches were such uniforms either as ushers or "nurses" so there is another lead.

    You probably can find lots of new or gently used stock out there, but remember the farther back in time you go you have to allow that sizes have changed. What was an "8" in the 1950's or 1960's maybe a "10" or even "12" depending upon how "healthy" a girl you are especially in the bosom.

    Also consider the type of nursing you practice when choosing "vintage" uniforms. Long sleeves and or skirts aren't always practical or sanitary for that matter. Wearing nylons means you *will* get runs. If you cannot take time for a "p" break what makes you think you'll be able to slip away to change pair.

    Finally as other posters have stated, there are more than a handful of pervs out there. Chances are you won't make it to work or home without some sort of rude comment or suggestion. Then there are the male patients, doctors, and the lot you'll have to deal with for 8 or 12 hours.
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    When did it become a crime to be a female? Why are we looked down upon if we dress as a female? Why do we have to dress like a man? This is ridiculous!
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    Quote from GitanoRN
    our traditional "white uniforms" are great to wear once a year in honor of florence nightingale. however, they aren't practical to wear on daily basis since they are difficult to keep clean.
    You do realize that plenty of us right on this site wore "whites," whether dresses or pants, for years and managed to look neat and clean without a great deal of difficulty, right?
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    This Halloween maybe I'll go to the club dressed as a nurse zombie... I did a zombie paramedic one year. (I am a real paramedic and the patches on the shirt were from some company that doesn't practice in any state near where I lived).
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    Prima Whites by Barco makes some really nice, white, nursing dresses. They're modest, professional looking, and feature a great style. Best of all, the Prima by Barco white uniforms are NOT see through. Barco puts their items through a peaching process to help you avoid any major fashion faux pas

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