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Red Cross Shoes

  1. 0 Has anyone ever worn the Red Cross brand nursing shoes? Are they comfortable? I'm looking for new shoes that will keep my feet dry, and that won't cause me to slip & slide all over the wet floor like my Crocs do now (have almost fallen on my a$$ one too many times).....
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    different shoes for different feet, i always like the sas shoes or a pair of nike
    if your crocs have bumps on the bottom they only make contact with the end of the bump..i had a pair like that, slipped and fell in a puddle of pee, [i always pick the worse stuff to fall in]
    what ever yo get, get you a pair of shoe covers so that you can wear them for a few hours w/o soiling the shoes so that you can decide if they really are a good fit
    i can tell you that a good comfortable pair of shoes can make or break a shift
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    I have them and found them comfortable. Not quite enough support for me though so I wear Nike Shox....a bit more spring to them.