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pediatric scrub tops and adult patients

  1. 0 I used to work at a children's hospital so I have a lot of pediatric scrubs, no infant ones though. Now I'm starting on a medical/oncology floor and I want to still wear my peds scrubs maybe once a week, mainly because they're cute and still pretty new. If you were a patient would you think any less of your nurse if she took care of you wearing a Hello Kitty, Oscar the Grouch or Snoopy scrub top on?
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    IMHO, no...I have been wearing cartoon scrubs for the 12 years in healthcare...and I've been in Peds for 7, so...I was wearing them in the ER, Tele/step down, Rehab (the pts always had a good laugh when I wore my Sesame Street scrub top )...before I became a mainstay Peds nurse.

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