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  1. by   mommybess
    I'v ebeen trying to find the perfect scrubs for me.

    Gray's Anantomy are the softest however I find that their sizing is horrible for me. I usually need a 1X however in Grey's Anatomy they were tight in places I didn't want them to be tight, so I bought 2X and these are way to big all over!

    I love Koi tops. So cute! and figure flattering.

    I did not like Urbane scrubs. Most only have one pocket on the top. I like 2. Not enough pockets on the pants too.

    IguanaMed... WRINKLE! even with an iron it was nearly impossible to get the wrinkles out.

    Dickies... good but can be scratchy material.

    Landau... seem to run big. A little boring but good sturdy scrubs.

    S.C.R.U.B.S. (Walmart's brand) wow these are surprisingly nice. The fit is great, some of the newer pants have TONS of pockets and have the dual elastic waist band in the back and drawstring in the front. And the material is soft!

    Peaches seems to run small too. Like Junior sizes. These do not work for me.

    I've tried a couple other brands but I can't recall which ones. I ended up either returning them or giving them away.

    So over all I like Grey's Anatomy, and Walmart's S.C.R.U.B.S brand, and the Koi tops the best.
  2. by   momo3boyz
    I like sassyscrubs because they offer large sizes and they have over 1,400 fabrics to choose from. You basically build your own scrubs. I need petite hems for my pants and I can get them any length I need. Very cool. I also like the quality of their work (made in the USA) and they have good customer service. I've also worn stuff from Jasco and Dickies, but they usually feel thin and the quality isn't as nice.
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  3. by   newohiorn
    I don't really care what kind of scrub top I wear as long as it has 2 patch pockets but I only wear Koi brand Lindsey cargo pants and people ask me about them all the time because they're very cute and functional. I would ear them outside of work (if I ever went anywhere)--I think they're that cute--just look like cargo pants.

  4. by   firefox828
    SCRUBS pants... very comfortable, the material is 'skin-friendly' , pricey
    For prints I shop at Tafford... they have great deals/clearance , good material, does not shrink...
  5. by   ERRN1976
    I love medelita scrubs. Great colors, big pockets and soft fabrics -plus super fast shipping. A little pricy but they look good as new after almost 40 washes. They're the only brand I wear now.
  6. by   JAC2008
    I work in the NICU and I pretty much have to wear a tank top or shirt under my scrubs cause we catch Dads looking down our tops all the time!
  7. by   egglady
    I have not had good luck with Dickies scrubs- bought 2 pairs of the same pants, in different colors, one fit perfect, one did not. I usually buy from tafford.com but they dont have thanksgiving prints- so I am still searching!!!
  8. by   RiderRN
    Just found the Koi Lindsey pants :heartbeat - OOOOOH! So comfy, the fit is modern, with a low, loose elastic waist with a cute drawstring, lots of pockets, a hook for my tape, and did I saw comfy? I could sleep in this pants! Lots of cute colors to choose from, I like to pair them with a solid long sleeve top (any brand)
  9. by   raekaylvn
    Quote from DA314
    I love my Grey's Anatomy brand scrubs. They're so soft and figure flattering! They are by far the softest scrubs I could find.

    ----I felt a little embarassed getting that brand, kinda like a kid wearing a barbie t-shirt or something-------:imbar

    They cost a little more that the other brands, but comfort is worth it! And it is still cheaper than most of the clothes I have to wear in the law office!
    Hehe I know what you mean. They are extremely comfortable! I think the Izzy scrubs arent too bad. The pants fit well, some of the tops are huge though!
  10. by   fnmike7
    Try tafford scrubs at tafford.com. fit great, extra large pockes and good length and oooh the prices are affordable.
  11. by   Iluvnrsing
    have you ladies seen the koi scrubs?
  12. by   HikingNinja
    Quote from iluvnrsing
    have you ladies seen the koi scrubs?
    I have the Koi Lindsey cargo pant. They are awesome. Lots of pockets and drawstring bottoms so no hemming.
  13. by   anna19
    i love urbane scrubs! i think those are the best!!!