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Nike Free Runs or Puma?

  1. 0 I'm looking for a cute and comfortable pair of shoes for nursing school. I know it sounds vain, but I just CANNOT stand the look of traditional nursing shoes. :/
    I have a pair of Nike Free Running shoes which I use for running and I just adore them! They're so comfy! But they're party composed of mesh.
    I found a pair of Pumas that are entirely leather although they don't look quite as comfy.
    Should I sacrifice a little comfort with the Pumas or go with the Nikes and run the risk of wet feet?
    Any other attractive shoe suggestions are welcome! (They have to be all white)
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    I think I know the puma shoes you are talking about. They offer no support. I wore them once and my feet were killing me 2 hours into my shift.
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    Make sure your nursing school allows shoes with mesh first! A girl in my class got kicked out of clinicals for having mesh shoes.
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    Mesh shoes are not compliant with current OSHA regulations neither are clogs. You might want to take that into consideration
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    Almost every sneaker has some mesh in it. I have never had a problem wearing a running shoe with mesh at work. It would be best to check the policies out at your facility however. Clogs and mules with holes in them are banned at many facilities as someone else mentioned. My most dangerous shoe is my dansko, something about the way the sole is shaped I have twisted my ankle nearly falling on my face a couple times and have since decided to not wear them anymore lol.

    Nike shox has an all leather style, I own 2 pairs. I had to buy them a half size smaller and break them in for a couple of weeks before wearing them to work though.
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    These are mostly white, have no mesh, and they're really cute! Plus they're nikes. I have them for my clinicals!
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    Quote from ice-princess

    These are mostly white, have no mesh, and they're really cute! Plus they're nikes. I have them for my clinicals!
    Love!! I found these shoes at the mall and passed them up because they're made of a porous material that liquid could easier seep through. :/ I'll first have to ask about my school's policy like you all suggested. Thanks everyone for your input!
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    Nike Free Trainers 5.0! They are so comfortable and worth the money!

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