Name your favorite scrub top/pants! - page 4

I'm a new RN and have been building up my scrub collection for work. I've been on the lookout for comfortable, well-fitting (not boxy!), and somewhat stylish scrubs. So far these are my faves: Tops: -Grey's Anatomy Junior... Read More

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    Another Koi fan. I no longer bother with any other brands.

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    I absolutely LOVE the Dickies brand of scrubs I got. It has soooo many pockets on the shirt AND the pants. I love cargo pants and how they incorporated that into the scrubs. I actually feel like I'm not wearing scrubs!

    Grey's Anatomy is my second favorite brand. The material is unbelievably soft.
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    Baby Phat scrubs have really cute prints, and I love the hip flip Dickies scrubs (especially the zip down tunic). You can find them on discount medical scrubs websites too, so you can usually find a good deal.

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