Minimalist Shoes For Nurses

  1. Does anyone here wear them? I have been rotating Alegrias, Danskos, and New Balance primarily for a while now, but I'm looking for something else for my poor feet. A physical therapist recommended Merrell Gloves and swears by minimalist shoes, concrete or not. He says his feet and legs have never felt better. They didn't fit my feet well though. My Vibram Five Fingers fit like a dream for jogging, but can't wear toe shoes to work. Anyone have any recommendations for the floor?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Jaynie_Marie
    They're not minimalists, but I wear Kalso Earth Shoes and after my shift I can't even tell that I've been on my feet for 8 hours. Kalso Earth Shoes have what they call a 'negative heel' which is where the heel is lower than the toes (whereas most shoes have a higher heel)...the negative heel mimics the way that your heels sink in when walking on a sandy beach. I can't wear my Vibrams at work either, but these are a great second choice. I will definitely be interested in any other answers you get.
  4. by   TheColonel
    I know exactly were you're coming from, I love my five fingers but they aren't in regulation with the Army/nursing school yet :/. Check out the Innov8 line, though they are pricey I feel they're the next best thing. However if those prices are too high, the new balance minimus line is pretty legit. If you know your size you can buy a pair off ebay for 45 bucks ( im a runner so I got through these like crazy) . Puma also has so pretty thin soles but I only wear those as a last resort. Hope this helps!
  5. by   bebbercorn
    @Jaynie_Marie, I'm really interested in these Earth Shoes, may I ask if you have an arch? I have a pretty good arch to my foot and am wondering how these are on that type of foot.