LPN bridging to RN soon, where can I get the best experience in my job?

  1. Hi, I am an LPN that has ben licensed in the state of Illinois for 6 months. I am planning on bridging my LPN to RN in the next year and would like to know what type of facility I can get the best experience before I go back to get my RN? I have worked in a long term care facility, at a correctional facility, and as a hospice nurse. I feel like there must be more experience that I should be getting so that when I go back to get my RN and get my license I will be able to say I have a good deal of great experience to be able to get the job I am looking for. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   Inori
    erm just FYI you do realize you posted in the wrong forums ... this be the gear / shopping thread.

    Anways speaking with my classmates who were LPN-RNs now RN graduates the situation they face is that employers do not count thier years of experience as LPN and say they dont have exp when job description says need X years. AND the license and responsibilities are different so just get the RN license and job search. And avoid if possible doing RN tasks when your license says LPN because its illegal and uh could lose your license should you screw up. Mistakes happens but you dont want that to be you. Pick a position you enjoy, has decent hours to let you study, it sounds like you have the option to look around .. though 3 places in 6 months? i hope its per deim or agency otherwise it looks like job hopping.

    Good luck.