Looking for the name of shoes that look like crocs with the MBT soles??..

  1. 0 ICU RN here, I've seen a couple of the girls in the ER wearing these. They look like crocs clogs(the ones I've seen do have the little holes on top), but they have the super thick curved "rocker like" soles that the MBT shoes have. Anybody have any idea what these are called or where you can get them online? I asked one of the RN's, but I forgot what she told me
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    I found this page with MBT sandals.....are these what you are looking for?
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    Are they Orthotebb Health Shoes?

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    Quote from ginabina
    Are they Orthotebb Health Shoes?

    Those sound great. I can see where they'd help with my plantar fasciitis, too. But being the klutz that I am, I can also see me teetering off of them as I try to keep my balance...

    I'd like to hear from someone who has used these for work.
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    I have these Orthotebb Health Shoes clogs in White and Navy and they're great. I can work an entire 8 hr. shift and my legs still feel lively. They used to feel dead at the end of a shift, but now I still have a spring to my step and my legs and rear end look great.

    I'm in a medical center and occasionally we have to run to a room and I have no trouble getting there stat.

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