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Hip pain after first shift...shoes??

  1. 0 So Thursday I worked my first ever 12 hour shift at the hospital, and the next morning my hip hurt so bad it made walking unpleasant. The first day I was wearing a pair of Crocs (Bistro) and it felt like walking on clouds, I had no foot pain at all so it surprised me when my hip was so sore the next day. So instead of the Crocs the next day I wore my Asics and again my feet were fine after the 12 hour shift, but my hip is sore again today.

    Is this an issue with the shoes I'm wearing (unsure because my feet feel totally fine) or will it just take my legs a while to get used to standing for so long at a time?
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    I wear Sanita clogs (with the closed back) and will wear nothing else for work. Took care of foot, knee and hip pain.

    Whatever you decide to wear, I would suggest going to a real (as in, not Footlocker, Payless, etc) shoe store and get professional advice on style and fit. I go to a local shoe store for mine. I am a difficult to fit, and they suggested going a size larger and narrower -- perfect!

    I may pay a little more, but I am pain free and get to support a locally owned business.
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    It could be the shoes...or it could be something else. That both pair of shoes hurt your hips makes me wonder.

    I was having terrible hip pains a few months ago, and they magically went away when I got rid of my terrible old mattress and got a new one. I have no idea if you have a crappy mattress or not, haha, but if you do, that might be it.

    If not, it might be your shoes and your body adjusting to the long shifts. Some people swear by Danskos or Sanitas. Shoes with a rocker bottom (Alegrias, etc) tend to take some of the strain off of your joints, as well. I also have good luck with Birkenstocks.
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    Running shoes. Newblance. They have worked for me for years.
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    Acics with an orthopedic insole. Never use the insole that comes with the shoes, to flimsy.