Has anyone purchased the dickies hip flip top and pant? Has anyone purchased the dickies hip flip top and pant? | allnurses

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Has anyone purchased the dickies hip flip top and pant?

  1. 0 Hi there. My school only supplied us with 2 sets of white scrubs for clinicals... which is clearly not going to be enough. Anyhow, I'm looking at the Dickies Hip Flip Boot Cut Pant and Mini V-Neck Top. From the look of the picture, the pants look fairly low cut and the top looks really short. Has anyone purchased these before? Please give me your input on them. I'm petite person and pretty much look like i'm drowning in scrubs... so i'm looking for something more form fitting, but appropriate. Thanks!!
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    I've never tried the Dickies brand, but I have worn the Cherokee Flexibles. The flip-down elastic waist is really comfortable. Also, Dickies sizing runs small, so I suspect it'd work well for a petite person.
    Just make sure your school will allow you to wear those scrubs. My school requires Cherokee Workwear, and any other style will get you sent home.
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    The Dickies pants that I have are just the regular flare style (in navy blue) but I assume the fits of all pant styles are similar...I'm very petite as well and I believe mine are an XS-petite and they fit me perfectly. I'm also a fan of Cherokee scrubs (mostly because of the affordability) and I wear a size XXS-petite and honestly they fit better than the Dickies ones
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