Do Cherokee scrubs shrink in the washer/dryer, and if so, how?

  1. I'm required to purchase Cherokee scrubs from for nursing school and went to try them on at the store today. The clerk said they might shrink in the wash or dryer. Meridys has a great exchange policy, but I won't know until I order them and wash them once. Anyone who has washed and dried Cherokee scrubs: do they shrink? If so, how much and in what direction (length or width or both)? Is it worth going up a size to avoid drip-drying?

    I prefer the length of the unisex drawstring pants to the women's pants, but the medium unisex is HUGE. We're talking clown pants. The small was fine as is, with more than enough room in the thighs and waist, and comfy (but not ample) in the hips. A tad long, but with nursing shoes they'll be do-able. If they do shrink, it can't be too much. The Cherokee scrub tops (even women's) are also huge; I usually take a large shirt or sweater, but in these I take a medium over a heavyweight long-sleeved tee.

    BTW, if you have never tried Cherokees, don't be deceived into thinking I'm some svelte little thing--they run very big, especially the unisex sizes. I normally take an 8 or 10 in pants and am 5'8".

    Any input would be appreciated as I must order these scrubs tomorrow (Friday 12/4). Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   JBudd
    Mine never have. I wear L talls.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I own multiple pairs of scrubs that have the Cherokee name brand, and they have never shrunk. Basically, most uniforms and scrubs that are made with a polyester/cotton blend are resistant to shrinkage.

    If the scrubs are 100 percent cotton, they might shrink.
  5. by   wannabecnl
    Thanks for the replies; here's some updated info from a rep at Meridy's (the company selling the scrubs):

    The rep said that Cherokee scrubs mostly shrink up, and that it won't be too much. She pointed out that most fabric will shrink a little in the wash and we don't even really notice it, but a poly-cotton blend like this should not get ridiculously smaller. Their website says to allow for the pants to shrink up to an inch in length. The care instructions say machine wash warm or cool, tumble dry low.

    The rep also suggested buying the tunics large enough to accommodate another layer beneath.

    My plan is to buy 2 each of the small pants and medium tunics, wash one of each and see what happens...
  6. by   hikari808
    I am glad I found this thread. I was wondering if they shrunk too. I am a new nursing student who had to go out and buy some white scrubs and so I bought a cherokee and 2 dickies. But im glad to hear that they dont tend to shrink.