Curious about shoes for clinicals

  1. Hi everyone,

    I don't start my nursing classes and clinicals until the fall, but I'm curious about shoes. Everyone I know outside of the nursing program says I'm going to need super good shoes, but is that really true? Standing for hours/walking/moving things and always being on the run isn't anything new to me since I've worked in retail in an extremely understaffed store. I wore decent shoes like Crocs about half the time, and the other half the time I wore Etnies with Dr. Scholl's inserts. My clinicals are only 5 hours long which to me isn't bad at all (a short shift in retail is 4, and I usually worked anywhere between 7 and 9) my question is, can I wear my regular, not expensive shoes that I liked for my work in retail, or do I need something better?
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  3. by   WSU_Ally_RN
    If your not so expensive shoes are comfortable and fall into what's acceptable for your school, wear them. The point is, you need shoes that are comfy... if a $10 pair of shoes are comfortable for you, then that's what you should wear... Me, I spend $120 on Dansko's... anything other than those I have horrible leg, foot, and back pain after 12 hour shifts...
  4. by   SingDanceRunLife
    If I had to work 12 hour shifts I would have to get better shoes...but I would often work 4-5 hour shifts with no break in Old Navy flip flops with no problem...and my clinicals are only 5 hours so I figure I'll get a pair of all white sneakers and some Dr. Scholl's inserts and call it a day.