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Cleaning my Littmann

  1. 0 I've just advised someone not to buy the breast cancer edition Littmann because once something gets on it (pen) it doesn't come off. I've had it now for over 6 years and various substances have stained it all over. I've tried different agents... alcohol, windex, goo gone... and nothing has made an impact. While it makes me look "aged" I don't like it. Anyone have any advice on how to remove ink from the tubing?

    "AGED"- I'm 28, been a nurse for 6 years, and I often get asked if i'm "with the high school" on a DAILY basis, and i'm a home health nurse!
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    [font=sans-serif]lemon juice didn't work? rubbing alcohol didn't? bleach just ate up your jeans? randomchemx just destroyed the surface of the ball?
    [font=sans-serif]clean & clear continuous control acne cleanser, which has 10% of the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide (that's the important part, other acne cleansers have the acid that is used for wart removal...) has -entirely- removed a vicious stain from my white sil-x!
    [font=sans-serif]i don't know of the affect it would have on a colored ball... buuuuut, here's the process:
    [font=sans-serif]apply thick goopiness to stain, set next to a lightbulb (about an inch away) and let it sit for several hours. remove ball and wash off goopiness. stain will be reduced and/or gone. if reduced, repeat!
    [font=sans-serif]i'm really excited about this, i'm going to use it on a juggling ball i left sitting on a receipt as well.
    this is a cleaning instruction for cleaning stained vinyl contact juggling balls. i think stethoscope tubing is made of the same stuff. see if it works and post back.
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    I will give it a shot, thanks! Who would have thought, juggling balls!

    Love the Owl!
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    Thanks. I'm a nature buff. ...and I contact juggle. Here's the website in case you are curious.

    he video says it all.
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    I have the breast cancer edition too and mine looks GROSS!!! I feel like it makes me look like a dirty pig every time I use it. I'll have to try this!
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    Ha, nice to know i'm not the only one. Do all of the lighter colors do this? I was hoping I wasn't the only "slob" haha.
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    ...Did you have a chance to try it yet? I'm really curious.
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    I haven't but I will! I'm on day 6 of a 12 day stretch and the thought of going into Wal-mart makes me want to cry at this time.
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    Yep, same one here too, same problem and I've only had it a year! I bought one of these Creations by Bonnie by BonnieRobbins on Etsy and LOVE it!
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    Those are very neat, but we are not allowed to use them, as they can't be as easily cleaned as the tubing.
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    I wonder if that Magic Eraser or Quick and Brite would work? Works for everything else. I hate spending all that $$ and getting it all scuffed up!
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    Quote from chevyv
    I wonder if that Magic Eraser or Quick and Brite would work? Works for everything else. I hate spending all that $$ and getting it all scuffed up!
    I was also going to suggest the Magic Eraser. There are no chemicals involved, and it works on just about anything!

    Good Luck
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    Magic Eraser did NOTHING at all for the stains on my breast cancer pink Littman. Haven't tried the Clean and Clear yet...dont remember the last time I had enough acne to buy any.