Classic II S.E. color choices - page 3

I am going to think about Caribbean Blue with the rainbow Finish or All Black which one do you think is better?... Read More

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    I just received my Caribbean color with rainbow head Classic II S.E. and I can honestly say it is the most beautiful stethoscope I have ever seen. Very lightweight, and very good sounds quality. I am shocked at how much better I can here with the classic compared to the lightweight... It is like night and day!!! ships SO fast. I placed my order on Thursday at about 5 P.M. and my package was at my door on Monday 9:30 A.M (today). I didn't get my stethoscope engraved because once it is engraved you can not return it, so I wanted to make sure I would love it, so I bought a Littmann stethoscope I.D. tag and they engraved that for free. Works out perfectly! =)

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    I just got my Pearlized Pink Classic II S.E. stethoscope from Medisave and I love it! It came so quickly in the mail. Ordered around 6pm Thursday night and got it at 12pm Saturday! I got it engraved and it came out nicely! Everyone should order from Medisave cus you save a lot of money with the free shipping and free engraving!

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