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Hello! I start nursing school in May and I was wondering if you all could suggest a great shoe for clinical rotations? We do a 1000 clinical hours so I am guessing I will be on my fit quite a bit.... Read More

  1. by   soulshine101
    Quote from kalycat
    I'm starting school on the 14th, but was previously in a career where I was on my feet a ton -- on stained concrete floors (and I needed to wear dresses/suits). I swear by Dansko for durability, posture, and back pain prevention. Dansko's take some getting used to, but they completely saved my back. I just purchased a pair of Klogs for school; my Dansko's are all patterned and I don't think they will meet the uniform requirements (they weren't too specific but I wanted to be sure I had a solid color).

    Danskos should be purchased as described in an earlier post (European sizes/1/2 size up; finger between back of shoe and heel) and they should be fairly snug on your instep while they're being broken in -- I had my initial pair fitted in person. They do not have all of the cushioning many expect, but for back pain, they're the ones; they were great on my feet too. I hope my Klogs work out as well!

    Good Luck in School -- I'm nervous and excited as well.
    I am definitely going to look at Dansko. Did you put any type of cushioning in your shoes? I think getting them fitted in-person is the only option for me!

    Good luck to you as well! What school are you attending?
  2. by   kapitanbasa
    i love nursemates
  3. by   CharleeFoxtrot
    I found that when I started working 12 hour shifts no matter what shoe I wore my feet hurt. Or my knees. Or my back-or all at the same time. I was limping down the hall one day when a seasoned nurse suggested to me I change to different shoes halfway through the shift. It worked for me! I found that different shoes cause different pressure points so by changing them every 6 hours my feet/knees/back felt better. I start out the shift in New balance cross trainers, and end it in clogs which feel better on my (by that time) swollen feet.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   kalycat
    Hey Soulshine! (Sorry that I didn't log in for a bit and see your response -- I got completely busy preparing for school!) It's probably too late to answer your question, but no, I don't put any inserts in my shoes or anything. I just go with the straight Dansko's.

    I am attending Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. I moved up to this area for school even though my permanent home is about 2.5 hours away. Yesterday was my first day of school and I'm definitely feeling busy. I hope things are going well for you and that you found some suitable shoes!