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Best Nursing Shoes

  1. 0 I work on a busy med surg floor and work 12 hour shifts. I need recommendations for great, comfortable nursing shoes. Thanks for the advice in advance.
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    I have been a nurse for 30 years. I started in Nurse Mates shoes, and for 20 years or so I have worn WELL MADE, WELL FITTING athletic shoes. They usually cost $80 or more, and must be replaced no less than yearly, but I have ZERO foot problems today!! Also I am not obese, and therefore my feet & knees are happier
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    Moving to the Nursing Scrubs, Uniforms and Gear forum for more targeted responses.

    As for myself, I wear Saucony running shoes with sole inserts. However, I'm also in psych, so my concerns aren't sterility and uniform codes (especially since I can wear street clothes). My main concerns are being comfortable, not skidding or sliding, and moving quickly
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    Hi there is a great website that sells only nurses shoes. They have all different styles and colors. I only buy my shoes from there now as they are the best they are soo comfortable and look really nice too!! I have been nursing for over 20 years and I have never had a problem with their shoes unlike many others I have tried in the past. The website is Nurses Shoes - Home
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    I heart my Danskos. I waited tables the whole time I was doing my BA, then did clinicals, etc. All through that, I wore athletic type shoes. At the end of every day, my knees and back would be SCREAMING. My first job was in community psych and I wasn't doing a whole lot of walking. Since I have been working inpt psych though (a whole week woohoo!). I have been wearing ky Danskos with Nursemates compression socks and lo and pain at the end of a shift. LOVE my Danskos.
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    I personally love Alegria shoes. Very comfy and they come in a variety of colors and styles. Those shoes + some compression socks really help. It feels like you're walking on a cloud!
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    I'm going to follow this thread! Right now I typically just wear gym shoes but I need something with a tad more support

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