Bandage Scissors

  1. An elderly friend of mine gave me some money to buy "The best bandage scissors you can find" in memory of his sister, who had been a nurse who was very attached to her bandage scissors, which was even engraved with her name. The only problem? I don't know what the "best bandage scissors" would be. Any input?
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  3. by   emtb2rn
    I used EMT shears throughout school and expect to continue with them. They work very well for pretty much anything.
  4. by   mcknis
    I second trauma/emt/utility shears. they go by a variety of names and can be found relatively cheap at Menards, home depot, Big Lots, etc. for 1-2 dollars. I bought mine at Big Lots and paid $0.98 for em. Bandage scissors can be had for $1-4 and are made of stainless steel. Can be heavy at times but are well worth. I have seen them used as reflex hammers, pill crushers, nail bed pressure devices, and yes even as scissors. bandage scissors won't cut through heavy material, but only for bandages, hence the name.