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I am desperate. I am in my last semester for my RN and my electronic stethoscope bit the dust. I have an ADC electonic scope that my previous school gave me. I need to get a new scope quickly for clinicals. I wear bilateral... Read More

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    I am also stll loving my littman 3100. It has made my last semester so much better. I graduate in a few weeks. My biggest fear is losing it. I usually keep it right around my neck. The other day a confused patient was grabbing at it. I am very protective of my stethoscope.
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    OMG!! I am soooooo glad I found your postings on here. I have a hearing deficit too. I start LPN school in Sept. 2010 and am in the process of researching different electronic stethoscopes. This helps me not feel so alone with my hearing loss. I really want to do this (nursing school) but have been afraid my hearing loss will interfere. After reading these postings, I feel so much better. I truly understand what you are saying, I also keep my H.L. to myself. And, also have encountered people who just don't get it or even try to understand. Alot of impatient people in the world. But this is great. I have been leaning towards the Thinklab but reading what you say about the Littman has me thinking again. BTW, just wondering what level of H.L. you have. Mine has a hearing threshold of 45-50db and I wear a digital hearing aid. I am wishing you great success in your new careers. Thanks for any replys.
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    I've used a Thinklabs ds32A stethoscope for a few years. First as a paramedic, and now as an ICU nurse. It should be noted that the ds32A is no longer for sale, since Thinklabs is supposed to be coming out with a newer model in the random future.

    I've been very happy with my scope.
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    Bought my Thinklabs Feb 07 from a RN. Didn't buy extended service.

    Replaced free under warranty Jun 07 (ear tube pulled out of main housing).

    Free pair of eartips and pair of complete ear swivel assemblies rec'd Aug 2007.

    Replaced free WAY OUT OF WARRANTY Jul 10 (circuitry problem).

    Love my ds32a, looking forward to checking out the new model!
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    I guess my main hassle with the Thinklabs ds32A is that the volume adjustment dial seems to change (increase/decrease) while the 'scope is draped around my neck between uses.

    I still like it, though!
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    I have heard all the electronic stethoscopes talked about with breath sounds and lung sounds but how well do they work with blood pressures? That is never mentioned in any of their advertising brochures. Any feedback and follow up to these posts would help as I am needing to buy something myself soon.
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    I just found these postings and they have been helpful. My very old Phillips electronic stethoscope conked out and I am searching for something new. Can those of you who have posted tell me what you think of the Littmann 3100 since you have had them awhile? I have moderately severe HL and have digital behind the ear HA's.
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    @PedsAPN, I am currently a nursing student and use one of the cheap stethoscopes. My brother was asking me about nursing school because he thinks he might like to try it. He wears the digital behind the ears HA's also. I hadn't thought of the electronic stethoscope for him because of the type of hearing aids he wears. I'd be interested in the replies you get. Also did your hearing/need for HA's give you problems when applying for school. Thanks!
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    hey guys,
    im a first year nursing student and in about 4-5 months time ill need a stethoscope.
    I have a cochlear implant so a need a stethoscope that is compactible with it.
    I'm also having alot of trouble finding a reliable source in regards to which stethoscop to purchase.
    Hoping you may able to help,
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    I am using the thinklabs electronic stethoscope. I can hear fine with it without my hearing aids. but recently i got new hearing aids, the oticon chili and got the streamer that wirelessly transmits phone calls, music etc to ur aids. I love it and the think labs has a connection port where u can plug the streamer into it so now I dont have to take out my hearing aids and I love it!

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