All scrubs fit me odd...

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    I'm not a Nurse, but I do have to wear scrubs (currently a student medical assistant).

    I am having such a hard time finding scrubs that fit. They all seem to be too big, and too long. I'm not an uber small girl (size 8 in pants), but even a size small is big on me. I know they should be baggy, but geez...I can almost fit two of me in a pair. They are all so long, too. I'm 5'2", so I'm used to pants being a bit long on me, but wow, I feel like I could sweep the streets with some of the scrub pants I've tried on. I really don't know how the really tiny people can find properly fitting scrubs.

    Any tips for stores or websites that sell good fitting scrubs for smaller people? Thank you in advance.

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    Try, they have some flare leg pants in Petite that should work for you.
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    Cherokee brand has extra smalls that used to work really well for me. Also, you might like the ones with cuffs on the pants, plus they have petites too, I believe. I liked this brand, because I'm 5'3" but my torso is long, shorter legs. Good luck. There's tons of ones to try. I never had too much luck through catalogs, without having tried them in the store first.
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    most scrubs are designed for men, hence the fit problem. many seem to have "unisex" sizing, even when they are "womens" and not "unisex."

    urbane scrubs are more designed for women, they are a bit low-cut though. however, i wouldn't say they run small. one of my coworkers is about your height, and she says their petites fit her well. urbane is made by landau, so the landau solids should match.

    dickies do run small.

    there was a recent thread about a brand that are based on jr sizing -- koi scrubs maybe?
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    Try Dickies.
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    Urbane scrubs are fantastic!!! I have always had a problem with scrubs being huge in the waist and tight in the knees (go figure!). When I found urbane I fell in love! Soft, comfortable, fit fantastic!!! Although be warned being your height the regular length would probably work best, but you will need to wash them several times as the will shrink in length only. You would probably fit a small, but check their size chart it is pretty accurate. And don't worry, scrubs don't fit most people... So if you find ones that work stick with them!!!
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    I've noticed that scrub tops are creeping up too. The short tops make me look really hippy and I'd like a bit more coverage. Anyone have a good link to scrubs with a bit more butt coverage?
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    Urbane is now selling a longer version of their classic crossover top...I've noticed after several washes, the Urbanes really shrink. Try
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    I'm short, with a really flat butt, and yet all my scrub pants seem to cling to it (highlighting its nonexistence), and the waist is always low in the back and really high in the front. My tops don't look right either because I'm big busted- the shirts hang off my chest and make me look pregnant.
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    Scrubs were always a pain for me until I found Dickies. The hip-flip kind comes in petite sizes too. The shirts are little short, but you can always mix and match. The Dickies hip flip pants are so comfortable and they fit way better than your typical drawstring ones that have no shape

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