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  1. 0 Are these good shoes for a person with a wide flat feet? My width is a D and I also need shoes with a wide toe box that won't rub on my baby toes. Anyone wear this brand? If yes which style? Is there a difference between the professional clogs and the classic ones? From what I can see they look like the same style but the classic clogs seem to offer more variety of color and patterns.

    I'm torn between the Donna and the Seville clogs. It's so unfortunate that I am stuck with white because they have some really cute materials and colors.
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    I don't have the clogs, but I do have a pair of the mary janes. I have wide feet and they fit me great!
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    I have both clogs and mary janes and the toe box gives plenty of room in both. It seems to me that the only difference between the professional and the classic is the profession has a slip resistant outsole. Also, if you are looking to order online, a lot of people wear 1 size larger in the clogs than the mary janes. My mary janes are the same size I normally take (converted to european sizing) and the clogs are one up. Hope this helps.
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    I love Alegria Clogs. I have now owned more than 6 pairs now. Their Professional Collection offers stain resistant upper to allow stain to be wiped off easily and a slip resistant outsole to protect you at work. Perfect shoes for nurses~

    Also, their facebook page is running a "We ♥ Nurses Giveaway". It's a great chance to win a free pair of Alegria shoes.
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    Quote from yousoldtheworld
    I don't have the clogs, but I do have a pair of the mary janes. I have wide feet and they fit me great!
    Totally agree. I have wide feet and wear the comfy Dr Scholls socks from Walmart. They are thick but the Alegria Mary Janes still fit fine.

    The problem I had was the insoles squeaked horribly. I tried all the tricks I could find on the internet then just replaced them. No more problem.