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    Ashley has given excellent advice. I used to be on a hiring board for my old career and there is a big difference between writing compellingly about all the cool stuff you can do vs. having a generic description.

    QUOTE "Right now, I work the rehab to home unit- lots of wounds, g-tubes, IVs, foleys, with hospice care on occasion. In the LTAC, a lot of them were on contact isolation but my duties were essentially the same except the patients were much sicker.

    As a floor nurse, I have supervisory duties over the CNAs and I am a member of the Admissions Committee. I am able to function appropriately in a crisis, most recently demonstrated on Thursday. I am BLS certified but not IV certified because I'm not an RN. (My facility chose to only certify the RNs.) I've thought about going outside my facility to get this done. "

    This part sounds better than your resume, in my opinion. Re-write it so it still sounds formal but more like that.

    Also, really look at whether hospitals are hiring LPNs and if they are for what positions. Maybe stressing organization vs flexibility will help you, or visa versa?Maybe they are only looking for a special skill? Have you also written a cover letter that makes you sound like a passionate quick learner who will be a leader in her field and impress everyone? Does it scan well? (because no one actually reads it perfectly) I think a lot of places look for people who can communicate well--including delegating-- and really take responsibility for the well being of their patients.

    If you haven't seen this TED talk, I totally recommend it. It's part of why Ashley's examples sound amazing and your first draft sounds unmemorable (sorry).
    TED Blog | How great leaders inspire action: Simon Sinek on TED.com
    Good luck!
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