to include or not to include?

  1. 0 I have been working as an indepedent contractor for a health screening companies and it's very PRN so I never thought of putting it on my resume because of that. I want to now put it on my resume because I don't think it could hurt my chances in job hunting.

    My question is how do I denote that I am an indepedent contractor on my resume or is that something I just say in the interview and just list how long I've been there like every other employer?

    By the way, it's not technically an RN job; anyone in the healthcare field can do this so I don't want an employer to think I've had 6 months of RN experience when I really have not. I'm a new grad looking for my first job so that's important.
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    I'd put it down because it is experience...but also make it very clear in the job title and description that it ins't a nursing role.

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