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Seeking Resume Help

  1. 0 So I met with a nurse recruiter whom helped me with my resume. I am concerned as I was informed that there is no need to use descriptive words and to make it short. I have been applying to different hospitals and have had no luck...

    Here's an example of what my resume looks like. I would highly appreciate any help.

    email address

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing, School Name, 20**

    RN, Med-Surgical Unit
    00/20** - 00/20** Hospital's Name , City , state -
    Managed care for 5- 6 patients. Population included:

    • Acute/Chronic Renal Failure
    • Rule out Myocardial Infarctions, Congestive Heart Failure
    • Blood Administration
    • Wound Care

    RN, Med-Surgical Unit
    00/20** - 00/20** Hospital's Name, City, state-
    Managed care for adults, pediatrics, and geriatric patients care included:

    • Pre/Post Surgical Patients
    • Cardiac Drips
    • Insulin Drips
    • Telemetry Monitoring
    • Stroke Care
    • Pneumonia, RSV
    • Post-op pacemaker

    Languages (Speak/Read/Write)
    Arrhythmia Interpretation
    License and Certifications
    RN License
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    I think you need to talk with another nurse recruiter.
    Looks pretty vague to me....
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    moved to the Nurse Resume forum

    There are plenty of threads and links in regards resumes in this forum