Same Job for the last 18 yrs..looking for a change

  1. I've really worked at the same place for the last 18 yrs but am now looking for some changes.

    My experience is all in LTC..started as a CNA for a few months while in nursing school, worked as a GN then a charge nurse at the same place. While at that same place I've also held different postions, Charge nurse/ supervisor, RNAC and short term acting DON. The RNAC and acting DON postions were about 13 years ago. Since then I've mostly worked part time.

    While at this place, I've also worked at a few other facilities. One was 15+ years ago and that was as a clinical manager (24 hr accountability of a unit/ floor) and 6 years ago I did some prn work at another LTC as a charge nurse.

    Do I include all of those previous experiences? It has been so long that all of the HR people, DONs etc have been turned over and I'm sure no one would remember me.

    STressing out about all of this since I've never really had a resume together. Back then, I just showed up, interviewed, filled out an app and got the jobs mostly by word of mouth.
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