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I've been applying tirelessly for the past 8 months. I'm an LVN with 3 years of acute experience and currently a senior in a BSN program. I had mistakenly thought I would actually be competitive! I feel that I have a decent... Read More

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    Go for it. Actually, there is probably no format that would please all recruiters. I think you'll have to decide for yourself. Personally, I like some of them.
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    I like those resumes and they seem affordable. They definitley catch your eye! go for it.
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    I'm trying to figure out what kind of job you want. An LPN job? This may be the problem as there aren't many out there...except in LTC etc...(you've heard that all before). Or a new grad RN job (as you are now a senior). If you are not graduated yet, then they are not going to hire you, and if you are looking at LPN jobs and are about to graduate, well, they don't want to hire train, only to have you turn into an RN and leave.

    Frankly, I'd skip all the "stand out" stuff. Everyone knows that you are trying to get your resume to stand out. So all the photos and creative fonts and such, just look as if you are trying, they don't really make you stand out past that...

    What has always been recommended to me is to keep everything appropriate looking, because while someone MAY love the fonts and stand "outish" resume...someone else may really dislike it. If your resume looks standard, you give yourself a chance to make it past ALL screeners.
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    Thanks again for the responses, has been great food for thought!

    For whomever asked my intentions - I would ideally like to STAY ON once I become an RN, so I do have the info in my personal statement. I'm not far from graduation and I want stay put! I don't want to be job hunting come April/May when all 27 nursing schools in this city graduate! Plus, we know we will be relocating within the next 18 months, so no sense getting a job now, another in 8 months when I become an RN, then leaving there in 10. That definitely wouldn't look good on a resume!

    As for where I'm applying... LTAC, TDC (texas dept of correction), hospice, and homehealth.

    I have my first job fair in 4 days, so running out of time to make my kinda drab resume awesome!
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    Quote from Tragically Hip
    I've sifted through many hundreds of resumes of candidates looking for a job in a professional discipline, and not one of them had a photo. It sounds like you're trying to get an edge based on your youthful good looks.

    Think of who might be doing the hiring. That strategy could really backfire.

    Unless you're applying for a job as a model, actor, or realtor, it's been inappropriate to attach a photo for most jobs at least since the late 80's.
    I'm 59 and nothing to write home about. Confidence is what comes through when you look at my pic. Thanks for the laugh.

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