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So I took the NCLEX a few days ago for the first time and thankfully passed! I checked Quick Results and received my NCSBN Candidate Report in the mail stating that I successfully passed. However, the report state that my license... Read More

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    I didn't out my license # on my résumé. I put Licensed NYS Registered nurse, Oct 2012 (license # upon request)

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    They can always look up on the BON with your name to see if you're really licensed so no need to put your license # unless you really want to
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    Well, I just got back from my interview. I was so nervous. I'm hoping I didn't screw it up.

    Anyway, I Put:
    Registered Nurse, State of Missouri: pending license number: effective (date).

    And guess what? When I got back from my interview, I found my name & license # posted on my state's BON. lol.

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