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  1. Hi there! I am a RN who has been out of the work force for 7 years to raise a family. After completing the RN Re-Entry program here in my state I am now faced with the challenge of finding a job. My first step is creating a resume. Any suggestions on how to format and explain on my resume such a long gap in employment? Thank you for your time!
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  3. by   marycarney
    I was a stay-at-home / home schooling mom for eight years. I filled in that 'gap' by noting that I was a full-time homemaker and listing all the other things I did during that time (volunteer work, etc). I had no problem getting re-employed. And I did not have the advantage of a refresher class - so you're that much ahead! Good luck with the job search!
  4. by   jpeatg5
    Thank you for your help and encouraging words!