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  1. 0 im a registered nurse since 2009. i volunteered as a nurse in a certain hospital for just 3 months and has training certificates in line with my profession. i submitted several application to hospitals even online application. while waiting for a response to my application i am the private duty nurse of my father or can i call it that way?i am wondering if i can include that in my resume (work experience)? my father is diagnosed with tuberculosis and a COPD his treatment partner. if i can include this in my work experience how will i put it? i need some help.because most of the available jobs now needs work experience and being a volunteer does'nt count much.. especially abroad.ill appreciate any suggestions advice or comments.
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    If you did the work, I would include the entry on the resume. I just would not include the word, "father", or any other reference to the fact that he is a relative. You don't want to draw attention to that, although, practically speaking, relatives deserve care just as much as others. Good luck with your job hunt.
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    thank you for your comment.i really appreciate it..yeah.that is why im hesitating to put it in my resume coz im thinking it is given that im a private duty nurse of my family. but on the other hand it might help me to gain more credit and land a job.