Omitting information on a resume

  1. In another thread someone mentioned that omitting a previous job on a resume can be reason for immediate dissmisal. I was gobsmacked when I read that. Is it true?

    I don't understand why omitting things on a resume can be a problem. I started working decades ago, in a field that has nothing to do with nursing. My current resume omits some of that experience. It would be 5 pages long if I didn't.

    I started nursing school at one institution and then transferred to another. Also, I have taken credit courses for my own benefit at a number of institutions. If I did not graduate from the institution I do not put it on my resume. My resume would get too long and unwieldy if I did. I see those classes as a commitment to life-long learning, but I don't think a hiring manager really needs to know about every creative writing class.

    Are either of these really a problem When looking for a job? Am I being deceptive by leaving off information? Would this give an employer the right to fire me?
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  3. by   llg
    That's not the kind of omission they mean. If you are asked on an application to list ALL of your previous nursing jobs, then you should not omit any. But in your situation, it is not necessary to list every single employer you had in your life. It would be expected that you would omit some of the early, non-relevant ones on your resume. Just group them together by saying something like "Over 20 years experience in a variety of retail jobs" ... or whatever.

    What hurts you is being caught being sneaky or lying -- or omitting things to cover up a bad job record. Consolodating many years of employment into a brief summary statement is not considered "omitting."
  4. by   morte
    yes, the difference between RESUME and APPLICATION!