New RN Grad needing resume advice for CNA positions New RN Grad needing resume advice for CNA positions | allnurses

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New RN Grad needing resume advice for CNA positions

  1. 0 I really would like to work as a CNA or PCA to build experience as a new grad nurse. I am not sure how to tailor my RN resume for CNA positions.

    I see that some CNA positions will take nursing students who have done a certain amount of clinical rotations. I am an RN but I'm still pursuing my Masters in Nursing from a Masters Entry Level Program. I have completed my pre-licensure portion and received my RN license. Here are some of my specific questions:

    • Should I include that I am an RN in my objective?
    • Will saying I am a master nursing student complicate things more? make me over qualified?
    • Should I include my RN License, ACLS, and PALS certifications?
    • Should my skills section include my CNA abilities only? or should I add my RN level skills?
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    Hi, I'm a new grad myself. I'm not sure but I don't think you can work as a CNA with an RN license because once you're licensed, you are held to that standard.
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    I actually have a RN friend in San Jose, CA who worked as CNA at hospital for 4 months and was able to get a RN new grad position as an internal resident.

    There is also another thread I'd recommend to you about the details of RNs applying to CNAs - what I understood from this thread it depends on the state you live in. CouId possibly work as an CNA w/RN license?
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    Is there any one who can give advice on what to emphasize on resumes for CNA positions?