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  1. Typically how long should a new grad resume be? Mine is 2 pages, is that too long?
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  3. by   Flatlander
    I'm sorry you're not getting any replies. I've noticed that this section of the Career tab doesn't get much attention on Allnurses. I am by no means an expert on resumes, but this is what I've gleaned so far. I am still searching for the right fit in my first RN job, too. (Had one failed attempt in acute care, so have some hurdles to overcome, including age.)

    Anyhoo. Here is my answer. I think two pages is fine. I've never been able to get my resume under two pages. Be sure to look at articles in for resume and interview advice. There have been some excellent ones recently. I can perhaps supply links if you like.

    Hope you get some more helpful comments.
  4. by   Staragate
    1 page, no more unless you are going for CM or higher. Remember, resumes are Cliff's Notes for your career. Keep it relevant. Include departments and hospitals for school, GPA if higher than 3.5. Include all health care employment for the last 5 years unless you job hopped. If you don't have health care experience, include skills used in your basic job that would make you appealing.

    If you were the one searching for a candidate, you don't want to read an essay. What would you want to see if you were the interviewer?
  5. by   CoolKidsRN
    Thank you both for the advice! I have cut my resume but I guess I can cut it further. I have healthcare related experience and had 2 jobs during nursing school. I guess I could keep it as "relevant work experience" + my clinical experience and cut out my "additional work experience" & publications. I will learn to keep it short and to the point. Thanks!
  6. by   SuperHelper
    I would cut the clinical experiences since you had healthcare jobs while in school. That probably trumps the clinicals. I would keep the publications, especially if they are science or healthcare related.