BSN Candidate Abbreviation?

  1. I'm currently finishing my nurse residency program at my hospital. As required, we are presenting Evidence-Based Projects in groups, and will be meeting with the CEO, board of directors at our hospital, unit directors - basically all the big wigs. I'm becoming increasingly self conscious of the lonely RN after my name, as all of my peers have the BSN, RN.
    I'm currently working on the BSN, and will be finished in July.

    Anyone know if I can abbreviate with BSN(c) in our presentation?
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  3. by   ~Shrek~
    BSN (c) is very confusing. If I saw BSN (c), I would assume you got your BSN in Canada, because I have no idea what BSN (c) means!

    You are better off putting RN by itself rather than saying BSN(c). You don't want the CEO of the hospital to accuse you of falsifying information (pretending you have a BSN), because that will get you in huge trouble!

    Don't be ashamed. RN is fine. When you speak with the big wig people just say "I am working on my BSN and I will graduate in July!". Be proud of the accomplishment you have (RN)!