Any suggestions for ePortfolio?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am processing on applying for a job this summer, and since I am applying through an email system. I wanted to make an ePortfolio. I have been searching for it on google to get an idea or find a website/software that let me make an ePortfolio, but could not find anything good. So please let me know if you have any suggestions regarding this. Also, could you, please, tell me what to add in the ePortfolio? Any type of help will be really appreciated. By the way, I am a student, so applying for a student nurse position. Thank You so much.
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  3. by   llg
    One suggestion I have for anyone using an e-portfolio is to think carefully about the image you will project there -- and how you might not be able to tailor it for each separate job application. You might need separate portfolios for each prospective employer. That is a big disadvantage of e-portfolios.

    For example, I was part of a team looking to hire a nurse with an MSN for a staff education position. Her application included links to an e-portfolio (run by her school). In that portfolio, she discussed her desire to be a NP and other things that did not pertain to the specific job that we were trying to fill. She had a lot of explaining to do during her interview because her portfolio materials did not match perfectly with our job. She did a great job and got the position, but she would have been better off to not show us that e-portfolio. A simple resume and cover letter tailored to suit OUR job would have served her better because it wouldn't have raised our suspicions that she really wanted another career track.

    So think about what you put in there -- if you talk about how much you like working with children ... or maternity patients ... etc. -- that will not help you land an adult med/surg job. In fact it might hurt you. If you talk about how much you like working with the elderly, or with adult med/surg patients ... that won't help you land a peds job. etc.

    So keep it very general ... or limit the people who will see it to only those prospective employers that match your portfolio content ... or make separate portfolios for different applications. Employers are looking for the "best match" -- and so each appliation should be tailored specifically for the specific job.