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Can anyone relate their RN work experiences in the Carribean?... Read More

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    I'm really excited about the opportunity to work over there and one of the main things I guess is safety and housing. Can you shed some light?

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    Quote from cariad
    well here I am on st croix...and yes some nurses had a hard time working and living here...not me and theres a lot more can say the same......the hurricane that hit here was hugo in 1989. its a beautiful island, lots of guns stab wounds and gunshot victims, but mostly amongst the criminal element themselves.
    the icu is staffed mostly by 2 RNs on nights for 6 patients, sometimes the same 2 nurses for 1 patient. and no they dont respond to codes on nights! usually a nurse from ER will come with the doctor. occasionally we do run out of supplies but not as much as the above poster says. and yes some doctors I wouldnt let come near me if I was ill, but there are also some excellent doctors here.
    I do know the english nurse who came here, hated it and demanded to be moved, and yes they moved her to the states.
    life is what you make it....we love the beaches, the sea and the weather. pm me if you want any info from someone who is here and can give you accurate information.
    Hi, i just signed on here, i would love to know more about working in the the agency you work for all nurses? or is just a blog for nurses? thanks for you help!!!
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    Quote from jjjsps
    Can anyone relate their RN work experiences in the Carribean?
    Does anyone have any updated experiences regarding RN work in St Croix? Also, how do you obtain a nursing license to work there if you hold a license in another state? Thanks!
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    I've worked on both St Thomas and St Croix. The hospital on St Thomas is in better repair and has more equipment. St Croix's hospital is all together another world. You will have a good expierence if you remember a few things. Be flexible, polite watch your saftey. If your white, find places that welcome white people. There are restraunts and clubs that prefer locals and are best to avoid. St Thomas can be openly rude to white women. I much prefer St Croix in general. Fresh fruit and vegies, fresh fish right off the dock. Scuba diving is cheaper and the beaches are beautiful. When you work on either island, remember your there for a short time and you will not make any changes. Don't citicize the local staff, you can make suggestions but don't expect any changes...there isn't any money and they are set in old ways. Enjoy your assignment.
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    I worked St Croix in the ER three years ago for six months. Hopefully they have more working equipment now. I worked on St Thomas postpartum last summer. I couldn't wait to get off that island. The hospital was fine and the dept was amazing. I floated to Med-Surg once. OMG. Yuck. I didn't like the island. St Croix is much better, the people are pleasant and the island is beautiful. Good luck.
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    I am considering taking a NICU position on St. Croix. Trying to do all the research i can. I've heard alot of pros and cons. Isn't there only one hospital there? I researched online but two different ones came up in St. Croix. So trying to figure out which one it is. Where is the best place to stay there? Any suggestions on anything would be greatly appreciated!
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    haha! so true, I'm working here and it is still true.
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    Quote from cloudwatcher
    haha! so true, I'm working here and it is still true.
    hey cloudwatcher! im currently finishing up a 5 month travel assignment in hawaii, contacted an agency who called me back with icu jobs on vi ( st croix i believe?) are you still there ? i would love more info

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